Providing Special Supplementary Teaching
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Providing Special Supplementary Teaching

Under the theme of Student Empowerment Transformation, this program is organized by the principals of BT/KK/Vantarumoolai Vishnu Maha Vidyalayam and BT/KK/Vantarumoolai Madhya Maha Vidyalayam, for students of G.C.E. A/L Bio and Maths 2022 with the financial support of London Manitha Neyam Trust with the objective of increasing the attainment rate of the students by providing special supplementary teaching free of charge.

The initial event of this program was held on 08.12.2021. The President of Batticaloa Ramakrishna Mission, Srimath Swami Dakshajananda Ji graced and blessed the event. In addition to this, Mr. S. Dusyanthan, Deputy Director of Planning Division, Kadkudha Zone, school principals, teachers and students also participated.

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