Providing Nursery Seeds to Cultivated Peanuts
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Providing Nursery Seeds to Cultivated Peanuts

We have focused on the farmers who involved in cultivation and have badly affected by the economic crisis in our country. We support then through livelihood investment scheme.

Higher investment for seeds, demand for chemical fertilizer high cost increased kerosene oil price, high cost of fuel are some of the cases effected the economics of the country. Farmers are effected very badly they are reluctant to do farming, food shortage in expected in the near future. The farmer families are expected to be effected badly.

We have taken into consideration the above factors and according to our request to the donors, Mr. E. Ehamparam who resides in Canada along with him relations and friends have come forward to support 15 families by providing nursery seeds to cultivated peanuts.

Mr. E. Ehamparams birthday party was celebrated in Canada where him relations and friends donated some money LKR 750,000 a party of the donation was send by him towards this activities.

The Divisional Secretary for Koralaipattu South (Kiran) Mr.S.Rajbabu along with Mr. K. Nishanthan, the Division Agriculture Instructor of Kiran inaugurated this ceremony.

Poolakkadu Maruvayatpayir Producers Society agreed to provide assistance to these farmers and also to monitor the cultivation activities the volunteers of Vivekananda Community Foundation (VCF) too come forward to support these farmers.

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