Appreciation and Awarding
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Appreciation and Awarding

Vivekananda Community Foundation (VCF) organized an awarding ceremony to mark the 10th anniversary of the Vivekananda College of Technology on 13th December 2022 in Vipulanada Memorial Hall, Kallady.

Mr.Nadarajah Loganathan has gifted each students the sum of 10,000 LKR four students of BT/KK/Kaddumurivu G.T.M.School, One student of BT/KK/Vantharumulai M.M.V and One student of BT/Chenkalady Centre College whose families ware effected by the civil war. These students have the G.C.E (O/L) examination this gifts were made in memory of Mrs.Muthamma Nadarajah by her son Mr.Nadarajah Loganathan of Switzerland.

These six students are being supported monthly by the following donors. The details as follows:

  • Sivalinkam Danushka By Mr.&.Mrs. Vijaya Sivanathan
  • Suman Yathurshika By Mr.&.Mrs.Poongothai Venu
  • Pathmanathan Pasamalar By Mr.&.Mrs.Anu Visakar
  • Vijayakanth Kirija By Mr.&.Mrs.Suba Nadesan
  • Pavananthan Yanushan By Mr. Thirucumaran Ratnavadivel
  • Nallarednam Thanushikka By Mr.&.Mrs. Renu Thiru

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